Am I Depressed?

Have you noticed the words “depressed” or “depression” being used a lot more lately? Oftentimes, people use these words when they’re in a stressful situation, bored, or just feeling down. Other times individuals use these words to describe the ongoing mental condition they’re dealing with that seems out of their control. As we move through…

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Online Marriage Counseling

Often, we are conditioned to believe that marriage counseling is only useful for people whose marriage is in trouble or couples on the brink of divorce. In addition, individuals often automatically assume that marriage counseling has to occur in person to be beneficial. However, both thought processes are untrue. Marriage counseling is not only helpful…

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What Is Teletherapy/Online Therapy?


The last several years have changed how people access mental health services. Instead of getting in the car and driving to a therapy appointment, you can now click a button on your computer, cellphone, or tablet, and your therapist will be on the screen right in front of you. If you’ve been on the fence…

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What is Individual Therapy?


While searching for a therapist, chances are you’ve come across terms like group therapy and individual therapy. Both forms of therapy are very beneficial but depending on your individual needs, you may seek one over the other. If you’re interested in knowing more about individual therapy, when you should consider it, and how it works,…

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The Best Marriage Counseling Houston

When you swap “I do”s, it’s a lifelong commitment. You’re making a promise to stick with your spouse through thick and thin, being each other’s anchor, confidante, and life partner. Although marriage is between two people, sometimes it helps to bring in a professional to help you both navigate through the difficult times. Marriage counseling…

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Premarital Counseling Houston

Your big day is approaching, and you and your fiancee are immensely excited at the prospect of spending the rest of your lives together. You’ve got wedding venues to review, wedding planners to hire, cake samplings to try, and many more things to do on your list. However, what about premarital counseling? While that might…

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