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Often, we are conditioned to believe that marriage counseling is only useful for people whose marriage is in trouble or couples on the brink of divorce. In addition, individuals often automatically assume that marriage counseling has to occur in person to be beneficial. However, both thought processes are untrue. Marriage counseling is not only helpful in times of crisis but also when things are seemingly going well and you want suggestions on how to keep your relationship thriving. Plus, thanks to technology, therapists and clients are able to have valuable and productive counseling sessions online. Below, I’ll highlight three ways you and your partner are likely to benefit from online marriage counseling. 

#1 Online Marriage Counseling is More Comfortable  

Some couples feel more at ease sharing information with their therapist online than they do face-to-face, which makes online therapy a great option! How successful your therapy sessions largely depends on how much trust is shared between you and your therapist. And interestingly enough, research shows that many people trust their therapist more when the relationship is online. 


A little distance and space makes us feel safer when divulging our deepest secrets and feelings. When you can be in your own home or another area that you feel comfortable in, it naturally empowers you to open up more. As a result, if you get marriage counseling online, your therapist may have an easier time getting to the heart of the problem and providing you and your partner with appropriate solutions. 

#2 Online Therapy Gives You More Privacy 

Are you concerned that your friends, family members, or colleagues might see you and your partner walking into a therapist’s office? If yes, you’re not alone. While you shouldn’t have any shame in using a therapist, unfortunately, there is still a social stigma attached to therapy in the United States. Fortunately, online therapy allows you to protect your privacy, so no one has to know about your marriage counseling unless you or your partner choose to disclose this information. 

#3 Online Therapy Can Be Very Convenient

Like most people, you probably feel stressed and time-crunched. Even thinking about adding one more thing into your day, like therapy, may be enough to tip you over the edge. The great news is that with online therapy, you can save time since you don’t need to factor in the commute to your therapist’s office. Also, many online therapists are willing to schedule appointments outside the usual 9 – 5 office hours. This approach can also be helpful if you or your partner travel regularly. You can do telehealth from practically anywhere as long as you have a phone, tablet, or computer and access to reliable internet services.

Consider Online Marriage Counseling Now

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