So babe popped the question and you said “YES”! Congratulations!

What an exciting time. Now, it’s off to the races! There are a million and one things to do:

  • hire a wedding planner
  • pick a venue
  • find a photographer and of course
  • premarital therapy

You are one smart cookie for having premarital on your to-do list. According to the American Psychology Association, couples who complete some form of premarital therapy have a 30% increase in marital satisfaction compared to those who chose not to undergo such services. Premarital therapy is one of the smartest investments a new couple can make. No matter how harmonious you and babe may be, you will inevitably encounter conflict and premarital therapy is like the best insurance policy — providing you with a solid foundation as well as tools and resources to lean on when conflict arises.

Uncertain if premarital is a good fit for you?

No worries, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions below. When you are ready, schedule a free, no-obligation 20-minute consultation with me. I’m more than happy to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your marriage. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Premarital FAQs

Your questions, answered. Don’t see the answer here? Book a free 20-minute consultation.

What is premarital therapy?

Simply put, premarital therapy is a service that prepares couples for marriage. The goal is to build on your strengths as a couple, as well as prepare for potential challenges that may arise. Premarital therapy is more than just starting your marriage off on the right foot. High-quality premarital therapy is the way that successful and pro-active couples ensure their marriage will continue to flourish for years to come.

How do you differ from the premarital services provided at our church?

The premarital services at your church are a great place to start but it may not go as deep and be as thorough as the service I provide. My clients who have attended premarital programs through a church often find themselves wanting more individualized attention and support. The experience I provide is flexible, open ended and intimate. I provide support without a specific time limit or rigid structure- I cater specifically to your wants and needs as a couple.  You will walk away with strategies to mitigate conflict, develop healthier communication and deepen your connection to allow your marriage to thrive for a lifetime.

How many sessions will it take?

The duration of premarital depends on the needs of the couple. Because my services are tailored specifically to each couple, it is difficult to give an exact timeline. Most couples complete premarital with me in as little as 4-8 sessions. 

What are some of the topics we will cover?

The first topic we will cover is communication. This is a must! I believe healthy communication creates a strong foundation for marriage. From there, we may address a wide range of topics including boundaries, finances, intimacy, opinions on child-rearing and how to manage relationships with in-laws (just to name a few). We will talk through any and all sensitive subjects or concerns. My service is tailored specifically to your needs, so any matter that is important to you will be addressed. My clients walk away having no regrets about the investment they’ve made. They feel prepared, empowered and excited to move forward in their marriage.

This is supposed to be a happy time. Won’t talking about our problems openly to a therapist lead to more problems- like opening a can of worms?

It can be scary to think about discussing your frustrations and concerns. However, doing so in a safe, structured environment creates the context and space for us to navigate these matters in a way that is conducive to a healthy relationship. I believe it would be scarier to brush everything under the rug and force a smile, which could eventually lead to resentment. This resentment could in turn create a culture of contempt in your marriage. Research has shown that the existence of contempt in a marriage is one of the biggest predictors of divorce. Having these crucial conversations at the beginning of your marriage can save you both from unnecessary frustrations and heartache in the long run. 

What is your fee for premarital therapy?

You have the option to meet with me for 60 minutes at $250 or 75 minutes at $300.  For premarital services, I recommend we start with a 60 minute session and add on time to each session if needed. 

You’re Worth the Investment!

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