Couples Therapy

What happened to our “Happily Ever After”?

You’ve been told that you complain too much and you feel like he’s way too critical. The honeymoon phase fizzled out years ago- you feel less connected and you are finding it more difficult to communicate with each passing day. Everything you say is taken the wrong way and there are certain topics you’ve learned to avoid like the plague. You’ve started to push your feelings aside for the sake of the marriage and now find yourself harboring feelings of anger and resentment towards your spouse. What once started off as a blissful, carefree romance has now dwindled to a low ebb of going through the motions and meaningless pleasantries. 


You thought you were in love, with a deep connection and a strong desire to grow old together. What happened? When did we begin to lose sight of all the goodness each of us brings to the table? This is not what you envisioned when you said “I do” and the thought of this becoming your new normal is scary and fills you with dread.


You want to feel lighter and happier when thinking about your marriage. You want less conflict and more connection. You want to feel seen, heard and valued. You want to get back on track towards your “happily ever after”.


If this sounds like you, I am so happy you stumbled across my page.


In addition to working with Individuals, I find great fulfillment providing services to couples who are committed to their relationship but are in need of solutions for navigating difficulties in communication, finances, intimacy, boundaries and general conflict resolution. Couples who find value in my service appreciate my ability to translate their needs to each other in a way that promotes connection and understanding.


Please reach out today to schedule your initial consultation. I look forward to working with you!

“Happily Ever After is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.” - Fawn Weaver