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When you swap “I do”s, it’s a lifelong commitment. You’re making a promise to stick with your spouse through thick and thin, being each other’s anchor, confidante, and life partner. Although marriage is between two people, sometimes it helps to bring in a professional to help you both navigate through the difficult times. Marriage counseling is a good solution for couples looking to reignite the spark that might have dimmed in their union. Below, we’ll cover four situations when marriage counseling may be necessary and point you in the right direction towards the best marriage counseling in Houston. 

When Is Marriage Counseling Needed?  

It’s not always clear when you should seek couples counseling, but if you’re going through any of the situations below, it might be a good option for you.

1. You’re Arguing Constantly About Little Things

If you can’t discuss whose turn it is to do laundry or wash dishes without it turning into a screaming match, it’s time to sit down with a therapist. Constant arguing and negativity in conversations can create dysfunction in a relationship. Over time, it becomes nearly impossible to overcome on your own. 

2. Your Marriage Lacks Intimacy

This could mean intimacy in all aspects, inside and outside the bedroom. Do you feel like you both have begun to live separate lives and have a hard time sharing the connection and intimacy that was present earlier in your relationship? If so, a marriage counselor can help delve into the issues in a safe and structured environment.

3. There’s Lying or Secret Keeping

When it comes to marriage, we expect our spouse to be completely open and honest with us. However, when you and your spouse begin to keep secrets or lie to each other, it may feel like trust is broken. Trust is an essential foundation to marriage, so having a session with a marriage counselor is recommended to dive more into reasons why lying or secrets are beginning to intrude on your marriage.

4. Other Ongoing Conflicts

Maybe you’re arguing about child-raising philosophies. Maybe your priorities have shifted in the marriage. Perhaps money is becoming a big issue. Marriage counselors can be the neutral third party to let you and your spouse speak about ongoing conflicts causing a strain on your marriage. Sitting down with a counselor can bring expert advice and solutions to bring clarity and resolution to the marriage.


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