How to Escape The Comparison Trap and Find Inner Peace

A man looking at himself in the mirror feeling satisfied and smiling

  Have you ever mindlessly scrolled through social media after a long day of work and stumbled upon a post from a colleague or a friend who is celebrating a major life achievement or showing off their weight loss on a beautiful beach? What were your observations as you looked through the numerous likes and…

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How to set boundaries as a form of self-care

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    Did you know an essential part of your self-care journey should include setting boundaries? If this sounds unsettling, I understand why. When people speak on self-care they often only talk about the good things, the breakthroughs that they had with changing their diet, or their first yoga session, oftentimes the conversations around self-care…

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What causes us to prioritize the needs of others over our own?

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Imagine it’s Friday at 5 p.m. You’re at work and you’ve completed your last task of the day, and suddenly you get a notification from your boss on Slack or Microsoft Teams or whatever corporate platform is propelling you to operate as your most productive self—and they ask you to stay later to finish up…

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How to make soft living a reality?

Soft living is a lifestyle that promotes wellness, simplicity, and relaxation. It is based on the idea of living life with intention and taking care of one’s body and mind.    Unfortunately, Black women and women of color have often been denied access to this gentle, stress-free lifestyle due to a long history of oppression,…

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Why Perfectionism is Killing You Softly

What does it mean to be perfect? Does striving for perfection make our lives better, or is it a risky path that can have negative effects? These are questions I often explore in my practice with individuals who struggle with perfectionism. From personal experience, I can tell you that if left unchecked, perfectionism can have…

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Got a lot to be mad about?

I wanted to write a post based on a song by Solange Knowles titled “Mad.” This song is about the frustrations she experiences as a black woman living in a society where her opinions and emotions are often not respected or valued. She sings about the need to keep her anger and frustration inside, as…

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